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          My work is rooted in three ideals: truthful connection, a feminist viewpoint, and a boundless sense of joy. I love creating theatre that is substantive and universal without feeling preachy, and that above all leaves an audience breathless. I believe that theatre should illuminate the inherent truth of the human condition: truth, not reality. Now more than ever we are steeped in 'reality,' and without thoughtful exploration it can be difficult to see inside the issues and find a deeper understanding. At its core, it's about relationships, both interpersonal and societal. I fervently believe that if we do the work to create human beings instead of characters and relationships instead of scenarios, the end product will speak for itself. In addition, I have a passion for storytelling on a sensory level and believe that character based design and world building is essential. Lazy design is infectious, and can kill a production. Given my background in low budget and outdoor theatre, I am adept at working in non-traditional spaces and situations. I relish these opportunities for innovation, and have come to genuinely prefer venues and stylistic choices that surprise and engage the audience in a more intimate manner.


          I have spent the bulk of my career, both as director and designer, in the worlds of Shakespeare and the classics. For the past 8 years, I have worked predominantly as an Artist in Residence with classics company, Hudson Warehouse, while also freelancing with many off-off Broadway companies. This has afforded me consistent work, but has also acted as a buffer against working in more widely varied communities.


          We are living in a thrilling moment for American theatre. The diversity of communities and identities being given voice on our stages has never been more broad, but there is a long road to reach the goal of truly equitable representation. My desire to be a part of this movement towards a more socially inclusive theatrical landscape cannot be understated. In addition, I am dedicated to the growing cause of Intimacy direction, and feel that the creation of an industry standard is an essential step for the future of theatre in this country and around the world. Looking forward, it is my hope to give equal focus to new female-led plays, and the re-examining of modern classics through a feminist lens.


          My current goal is to thrust myself into a wider circle of collaboration, and advocate for opportunities that normally fall outside the reach of someone lacking MFA. If we recognize that great theatre and great artists can be found anywhere, then we must make advancement opportunities open to creators who have been denied the privilege of a traditional higher education. I am a director who knows what she wants, while thriving on an open and collaborative process for the creation of truthful, vibrant, and visceral onstage worlds. I am confident that my clarity of vision, maturity, and professional experience make me an excellent collaborator for any creative community.


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