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The Young Ladies of the Class of 1902

of Wesleyan University present, "As You Like It"

a new play by Natalie Sacks

Synopsis: In Middletown, Connecticut in the spring of 1902, the entire women's senior class of Wesleyan University, an early coed college, puts on an all-female production of "As You Like It." Amidst rampant gender discrimination and the looming threat of the university's plans to remove women from its student body entirely, a band of courageous young women come together to make their voices heard through Shakespeare. In the meantime, drama, romance, deception and true friendship all begin to form. This play is based on true events.

A staged reading of The Young Ladies... was presented in July 2019 during

Turn to Flesh Productions annual reading festival.

A full production is currently in development at CLiF Collective for their 2020 season.

photography credit: Duncan Pflaster

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