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APRIL 09-12 2019



Generation (Laz)Y is a satirical comedy about the economy and the Millenial or “Gimme,” generation. Margaret Chatterly is a thirty-something year old woman living in a tent in her parents’ backyard, holding down two minimum wage jobs and one internship and is utterly convinced she's dying--whether from the stress or the absurdity! As Margaret struggles to get enough hours and pay to justify her existence, she may just take some drastic measures before society slowly crushes her.

The Young Ladies...

The Young Ladies Event.jpg

August 2019

Turn to Flesh Productions

at The Shakespeare Forum

In Middletown, Connecticut in the spring of 1902, the entire women's senior class

of Wesleyan University, an early coed college, puts on an all-female production of

"As You Like It." Amidst rampant gender discrimination and the looming threat of

the university's plans to remove women from its student body entirely,

a band of courageous young women come together to make their voices heard

through Shakespeare. In the meantime, drama, romance, deception and

true friendship all begin to form. This play is based on true events.


Sense & Sensibility

bby Kate Hamill

adapted from the novel by Jane Austen

Coming to Ponca Playhouse

January 2020

directed by Emily Rose Parman

A playful new adaptation of Jane Austen’s beloved novel follows the fortunes

(and misfortunes) of the Dashwood sisters—sensible Elinor and hypersensitive Marianne—after their father’s sudden death leaves them financially destitute and socially vulnerable. Set in gossipy late 18th-century England, with a fresh female voice, the play is full of humor, emotional depth, and bold theatricality. SENSE AND SENSIBILITY examines our reactions, both reasonable and ridiculous, to societal pressures. When reputation is everything, how do you follow your heart?

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